PlexR Post-Procedure Instructions

Procedure Day – On the day of the procedure please try to arrive with no make-up. If you wish to shower please do so before the procedure. After the procedure we ask you to wait 24 hours before showering again.  Remove contact lenses and wear glasses if necessary. After the consent form and photos, a topical numbing cream may applied to the treatment area. Most patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure. Multiple settings may be used for different areas of the face and body. When the treatment is finished, we ask that you do not apply any gels or anything wet to the area. The heat (sunburn like) will dissipate over the next few hours. Cold spoons, lightly held to the treated area will help sooth.  DO NOT PICK  –

The Healing Process – You will likely look your worst the next day. Healing times vary depending on the individual but generally you can expect the following: Face 5-7 days (depending on the type of treatment). Make sure to wear a large hat and/or sunglasses if you will be exposed to the sun. In some aggressive treatments, very slight oozing may occur. Swelling of the face and/or eyes is common, and typically begins to reduce by the third day after treatment. Sleeping with your head elevated can help decrease swelling.  Almost everyone experiences itching, which can range from mild to intense. Benadryl (an oral antihistamine) can be helpful. Gently pressing a clean spoon onto the skin also helps to relieve itchiness.  Itching usually lasts a few days or until the area starts to peel. DO NOT PICK  –

Day 1 thru to day 4 – NO Water or Steam to the treated area, Keep Dry and clean.   Cleanse the other areas of your face, keeping treated area dry.

Day 4 onward – Cleaning the Area  –  Open the green packet. Use the moist towelette to dab on the treated area once a day. The skin may feel tender to the touch, so be gentle and careful. Continue using a daily cleansing towelette until finished.  After the towelettes are finished, use a mild cleanser daily for up to 30 days.  Do not exfoliate area, be gentle when rubbing.

Day 4 – Factor K – After using the cleansing towelette, apply Factor K very sparingly, to the ocular bone area.  Keep Factor K away from the eyes and Do not apply on lower lid. If any cream gets in eye, flush with cool water immediately! Factor K contains ingredients active ingredients. One packet goes a long way, there is enough cream for at least a couple of days.

Day 4 – Skin Cover – This product is a tinted sunscreen.  After Factor K has penetrated, apply a small amount of the skin cover on the treated area. One packet goes a long way, there is enough for a couple applications.

Once the superficial scabs start to exfoliate, the skin underneath will be pink and will return to its natural color in a few weeks. Around day 3-4 you may notice skin starting to peel off. Do not pull, peel, or scrap the skin off. Just let the skin naturally slough off in the cleansing process. In the shower make sure to cover your face from shampoos and body soaps. DO NOT PICK 

Product use: Once the scabs have exfoliated off it is important to apply the Factor K and Sunscreen or Skin Cover daily until the packets are done, unless otherwise advised by your clinic, based on your genetic background.  During hot climates or prolonged outdoor exposure it is also recommended to apply a SPF of at least 40 several times per day. To prevent hyperpigmentation (PIH), the sunscreen portion of the post treatment care must be carried out every day for at least 30 days once the superficial scabs come off.

Follow-up – Your follow-up appointments will generally be scheduled in 30-days post-procedure. Do not use exfoliating products on the skin for at least 4 weeks. If you feel that you are having an unusual problem with the treatment, please contact the office.

Medications – If you are prone to cold sores have your doctor prescribe Valtrex (an anti-viral medication) which is used to prevent viral outbreaks on your skin and cold sores – if you have a history of them. Tylenol is recommended for pain or a prescription from your physician.