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At PRP Medical Aesthetics, we specialize in advanced, high concentration, pure PRP.   We are one of the only clinics in Canada to use a hematology analyzer to verify the quality of all the PRP which we produce.  This allows us to offer the highest possible quality PRP

We have PRP treatments for hair, skin, acne scars, urinary bladder leakage, and sexual function for both men and women.  We also feature the full suite of Vampire PRP treatments, including the Vampire Facial, O-Shot®, and P-Shot® 

In addition to PRP treatments, we also perform a variety of other medical aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip filler, acne scar treatments, body contouring, and more.   

Please explore our treatments below.  If you are interested, we offer free, no obligation consultation with our doctor.  Call today, send us a message, or use our convenient, online booking syste