Although we specialize in PRP, we also offer many other services including Bocox, Botox, Dermal Fillers, IPL, BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement, and more.

Vampire Facial Vancouver

Vampire Facial Vancouver

PRP Vampire Facial Vancouver – Microneedling with PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment What is the Vampire Facial Vancouver, Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma? For over 5 years now, the PRP Vampire…


Bocox for Erectile Dysfunction: Innovative procedure improves erections (Bocox™ Cellular Medicine Association) There’s a new procedure which helps men achieve and maintain an erection.  Erectile dysfunction, or ED affects many…
p-shot vancouver

P-Shot Vancouver

PRP P-Shot Vancouver: What’s the best type of PRP therapy for sexual health and penile enhancement? (Priapus Shot®) Key Points if considering the P-Shot How does the P-Shot work? Erectile…
botox vancouver best price


Botox We offer Botox Treatment, for both cosmetic and medical reasons, as well as other neuromodulator treatments at our clinic. Our current price is $9/unit for Dysport® and $11/unit for…
Ultrasound guided PRP knee injection by Dr. Yam

PRP Knee Injection Vancouver

PRP Knee Injection Vancouver Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Knee Injection Vancouver We offer ultrasound-guided PRP joint injections. We can also inject muscles, ligaments and tendons. PRP is a minimally invasive,…
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Guaranteed highest concentration PRP anywhere

We test all our PRP samples with a medical grade hematology analyzer to ensure only the right concentration, quality and dose are used for your treatment, every time.